Three of the Best Types of Wood for Custom Furniture

If you have ever been a bit confused at a custom wood furniture store while trying to decipher what wood would be best for your needs, you are not alone. Most people have a very rudimentary knowledge of wood and what wood is suited to what use, which leads to a lot of misguided (but well-intentioned) custom pieces. If you need a new table, desk, cupboard, nightstand or anything else from a custom wood furniture store, then here are the best types of wood you should look at.


Walnut is a perennial favourite in custom wood furniture stores because of its inherent qualities. Walnut is very strong and extremely easy to work (when compared to other species). Walnut also looks beautiful because of the many fine grains. Due to these factors, walnut is more on the pricier end of the scale — but in this case, the price is well justified.

Walnut also looks great when it is given a few coats of polish, meaning it can be easily made into fine dining tables and ensembles. Many people go to custom furniture stores because they want quality materials and walnut definitely fulfils that requirement. 


Cedar is a popular type of softwood (the term softwood refers to the type of tree and is not indicative of actual strength) that features beautiful colours and can have really wild grain patterns. If you get a chance to go through the raw timber, you may just be able to get a glimpse of some cedar that really pops out at you. Cedar itself can be split into smaller subcategories and is on this list because it is a cheaper option that still has good durability and is readily available in most parts of the country. 


Probably the hardest wood to find on this list, cherry has a much darker and richer texture than the other two options. If you're looking for a more pronounced look from your furniture, cherry is a great option. When buying cherry you have a few different choices but most go for the red-brown hue as it looks the most unique and is what people normally associate with the term cherry wood.

Cherry is also more easily stained than the other two, meaning you can radically change its colour while still keeping it looking great. This gives you more room to play with when choosing timber. If you want a more exclusive but unique look that has been used for centuries, you can't go wrong with cherry wood.

To learn more about your wood options, talk to a professional at a custom wood furniture store near you. 

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