The 3 Tips Which Will Help You Move Fragile Furniture Without Breaking It

Moving furniture is the most challenging and important part of the entire moving process. The challenges which come from moving furniture stem from the fact that most pieces are large and fragile. There is also the challenge which comes with space constraints when the doorways, corridors and other passages are too narrow. Most people complain that after a move or two, they have had to replace their furniture because of damages which happened during the process. Here are three tips which will help you move large and fragile furniture pieces without breaking them.

Measurement before movement

One of the biggest mistakes which people make, especially when getting furniture into a new building, is overestimating the spaces in the corridors and other passages when you're seeing whether furniture will fit there. The biggest problem with the trial is that a lot of the times, the furniture can get stuck and you have to tug and pull it through the narrow spaces to get it into the house. In the process, parts get torn and broken. A better approach would be to measure the width of the passage and that of the furniture to see whether you will have to angle it in certain ways so that you can get it through without ruining it.

Reinforcing the furniture

Another important tip in preserving furniture and especially the bits which are weak and wobbly is to think about reinforcing it so that it does not jiggle a lot as it moves. You can make this happen by merely using ropes to tie around the parts that move when in motion. You can also get huge moving boxes and use them to place the seats and other bits inside securely. Wrapping the furniture with blankets lowers the possibility of it getting torn when it bangs against other pieces during the move.

Disassembling and reassembling

Another tip which will help maintain your furniture when you are moving is pulling it for the move and putting it back together when you get to the new place. This works perfectly well with pieces that are detachable. You need to have boxes, blankets and bubble wrap to package the parts for reassembly on arrival.

These are three simple tips which you can use to ensure that your furniture moves as a unit and arrives when it is in excellent condition. Take time and consult competent furniture removal specialists because the way they handle the pieces will also determine the state they come in. 

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