Ideas for Re-Purposing Bedroom Furniture

At one point or another, you need to replace some of your bedroom furniture with new pieces. Whatever is your reason for replacement, the question is, where do you take the old parts? While some people might decide to give them away to friends and relatives or throw them in the garage, you can opt to repurpose the bedroom pieces. Do not let your lack of expertise stop you from turning old bedroom furniture into unique repurposed pieces. This article provides some ideas in this regard.

Book Shelf as a Wine Bar -- Are you thinking of throwing away that old bookshelf? Think again, because you can quickly turn it into a unique bar, particularly if it is an antique. The first step is to knock off some shelves carefully. You need to leave at least three shelves to rest liquor and wine bottles on. If the bookshelf has a small closet at the bottom, then you need to keep it intact. If the bookshelf lacks a closet, you can just make one by fixing cabinet doors with unique handles. Finish it off by painting and varnishing it to achieve a beautiful glossy look. Place it in your living room and watch your visitors stare in awe. 

Old Closet Doors as a Privacy Screen -- Old closets are great pieces to repurpose, especially if the doors are still in excellent condition. You can easily turn its doors into beautiful privacy screens for the deck. The first step is to take the doors off their hinges because you need new ones. If there aren't any, you can make slats on them to allow a breeze to go through. To make the slats, simply use a reciprocating saw to cut long but thin rectangular slats from end to end. Follow this up by joining the closet doors with new unique hinges to allow for easy folding. Finish the pieces off with an excellent paint job, and you have yourself a beautiful privacy screen that will be the envy of your neighbors. 

Drawer Chest as a Kitchen Island – Are you longing for that central kitchen island you have seen at your friend's house? Well, your old drawer chest is all you need to have your own. It is even more exciting if you have a curved drawer chest. Depending on the number of drawers on the piece, you can decide to add more or leave it as it is. All you need to fix on the chest is a marble countertop that you can find at your local kitchenware store, and you have a kitchen island. Paint the chest your desired color and start enjoying your time in the kitchen.  

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