4 Important Maintanence Tips When Dealing with Seagrass Chairs

Seagrass chairs can be wonderful since they are extremely comfortable, great to look at, and even very resistant to stains. Of course, there are one of two things you need to do to maintain them and extend their life.

Here are just four important tips.

1. Keep Them Out of the Rain

As the name suggests, seagrass comes from the sea. Given that origin, you might expect it to put up with moisture well, and the fact that it can be quite comfortable without the addition of any padding material means that many owners are tempted to leave their seagrass chairs outside. However, this puts them at risk of being soaked by the rain. Unfortunately, seagrass is hygroscopic – it gives off and absorbs moisture based on relative humidity. If left in a moisture-rich environment, it can draw in too much and become warped. Alternatively, the excess absorption of water can slightly swell the fibres, damaging the structural integrity of the chair, and rot can develop if you aren't careful. You can bring your chairs outside, but don't forget to bring them back in afterwards.

2. Keep Them Away from the Sun

Seagrass chairs are great for sitting in and enjoying the sun, but fading can occur after prolonged exposure. Some exposure to sunlight may be unavoidable, but you should be careful not to leave the chair right next to a window where it can be hit by the sun's rays throughout the day. This will look particularly bad since one part of the chair will have been in shadow, creating an uninform appearance after fading has taken place.

3. Wipe Often, Wipe Right

One of the issues with furniture made from wicker, rattan, seagrass, or some other such woven material is that dust and dirt can find its way into the spaces between fibres. This will cause unnecessary wear and negatively impact the appearance of the chair. To make sure this doesn't happen, regularly wipe down your seagrass chair with a soft, dry cloth. While you do, make sure you move with the fibres rather than against them. Wiping across the fibres will force any dust or debris under the weave.  

4. Have Any Repairs Done by a Professional

One of the reasons people tend to like seagrass chairs is that they look nice and simple. However, they can be quite tricky to repair. Since the fibres all depend on each other in order to maintain structural integrity, any repair work needs to be handled by a professional. If you try to do this work yourself, you could ruin the tightness of the weave.

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