Different Styles You Could Consider For Your Cabinet Doors

When it comes to cabinets around the home, not many homeowners pay attention to the doors of the cabinets. This is because they tend to view their cabinets simply as functional aspects of the home to increase the amount of storage that they have. The truth of the matter though is that the style of cabinet doors that you choose can go a long way in enhancing the overall interior design of your residence. This is why you should consult with cabinet makers on what styles would complement your home. Here are some of the different styles that you could consider for your cabinet doors.

Louvered cabinet doors

These cabinet doors are characterized by wooden slats that have been arranged horizontally on the doors. They appear similar to louvered window treatments, hence their name. The louvers are not simply a design aspect of the doors though. They are functional too. Typically, louvered cabinet doors will have some space in between the horizontal slats. These spaces enhance ventilation in the cabinet. As such, louvered cabinets are ideal for cabinets that will benefit from ventilation for example cabinets situated near a heating source, cabinets that store clothes, cabinets storing perishable food items and more.

Inset cabinet doors

These types of cabinet doors are great for areas that are limited in space. Cabinet makers design these doors to be fitting within the cabinet, rather than on top of the cabinet frame. Additionally, you could have your cabinet doors slide from side to side, rather than having them open out. This ensures that they do not take up any space since they do not open outward. It should be noted though that the design as well as the construction of inset cabinet doors requires precise measurements. As such, they tend to be pricier when compared to other styles of cabinet doors. However, they create a seamless look in whichever room they are installed in.

Distressed cabinet doors

If you are striving to create a rustic and antique feel in your home, then you should consider distressed cabinet doors. The surface these types of doors appears to be unfinished, giving them an old charm. It should be noted though that just because they are distressed does not mean that they are on their last legs. Cabinet makers will employ finishing techniques to ensure that the doors are durable. You could also opt to seal these cabinet doors to prevent them from acquiring any stains that could compromise the distressed look.

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