Materials You Could Consider for Your Café Chairs

If you are opening a new café or refurnishing your current premises, chances are you will find the myriad of furniture options daunting. Granted, one of the biggest concerns that café owners will have will be the ease of storage for your chairs and other furniture items. As such, most people will gravitate toward chairs that can be easily stacked upon themselves. However, this does not mean that you should only select cheap and flimsy materials for your seating. With the advancements in innovation in the furniture industry, there are now numerous materials you could choose from that are both portable as well as aesthetically appealing. Here are some of the different materials you could consider for your café chairs.


If you have a modern café and would like your furniture to relay anew age feel, then metallic café chairs would be an ideal choice. With these types of chairs, there are two main types of textures that you could opt for. These include shiny metallic chairs such as those made from stainless steel, or matte metallic chairs such as those made from wrought iron. With metallic café chairs, you could to have them either upholstered or un-upholstered. Typically, the un-upholstered variety will have a mesh seating area to make the chairs more comfortable for your patrons.


These types of café chairs are made from synthetic fibres that closely resemble transparent plastic. From afar, the acrylic café chairs tend to appear like glass furniture in your café and would be a great addition for people looking to experiment with the overall décor of the establishment. Since they look clear, they also give the illusion of space. This makes them a good fit for cafes that have limited space.


Granted, wood is one of the most common materials used when making furniture. However, this does not mean that your choice of café chairs should be boring. There are a number of ways that you can choose to spice up your café chairs even though they are made out of wood. Some of the options you could consider include distressed wood, stained wood, refinished wood and more. If your patrons will be dining al fresco, distressed wooden chairs would be a great choice as they blend well with the outdoors. Due to how versatile wooden chairs have become, you can be guaranteed to find a style of café chairs that will suit your tastes as well as the overall ambience of your establishment. 

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