Teak Furniture? Get To Know The Different Grades

In order to produce furniture items, different parts of the teak tree are used to produce different grades of teak furniture. The grade of teak furniture is of importance because it's among the major factors that determine the cost of these furniture items.

This article discusses the three grades of teak furniture for the benefit of homeowners looking to make the pricey investment that is teak outdoor furniture.

Grade A Teak Furniture

Grade A teak furniture is often the most expensive. Grade A furniture items are made from the mature heartwood part of the teak tree. These items have a uniform colour that is often described as "warm honey". Grade A furniture often will often have an oily feel and a close-grained appearance.

Grade B Teak Furniture

Grade B teak furniture items are made from the outer heartwood part of the tree that is semi-mature. Grade B teak furniture is therefore less expensive. Furniture items made of Grade B teak will have a lighter colour than the "warm honey" appearance of their Grade A counterparts. They will also have a less of a shine once furniture items have been sanded. Small knots are a common feature on the surface of Grade B teak furniture items.

Grade C Teak Furniture

Furniture items made of Grade C teak are often the most affordable. These items are made using sapwood derived from the outer portion of a mature teak log, which is the softer than the heartwood portion of the log. This is the part of the teak tree that transports water to other parts of the tree. Therefore, Grade C furniture items will have little or no oil content at all. The natural oils found on a mature teak log have a protective effect when such a log is used to make furniture.

Grade C teak furniture items have a softer feel than Grade A and B teak furniture. Therefore, they are more prone to structural damage. For this reason, their durability is often disappointing.

Grade C teak furniture will have a "patchy" appearance with certain patched areas having a darker appearance.  These furniture items will often feature large knots (sometimes dead knots) on the surface of the furniture.

Teak is a favorite material for the construction of outdoor furniture for various reasons. An understanding of the available grades of teak furniture will help a homeowner to make the best choice of furniture and to avoid being ripped off.

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