Make Your Library More Inviting With These Five Types of Library Furniture

Libraries are changing. Instead of simply being book warehouses, they are evolving into community centres. If you want to entice the community into your facility and encourage them to stay for a while, you need the right library furniture. Here are some pieces to consider:

1. Stainguard sofas and comfortable chairs

Follow the lead of many large bookstores and artistic coffee shops, and fill your library with comfortable, inviting furniture. Place sofas or comfortable chairs strategically around your library, and to encourage people to stay and read or chat, hang signs inviting them to do so.

Remember, however, your furniture needs to be able to stand the test of time. Invest in library furniture that has stainguard on it, lest anyone spills their coffee or snacks.

2. Conference tables and desk chairs

If you want to draw the telecommuters out of their homes and into your library, set up lots of work stations. Small private areas are great, but also consider adding some conference tables. Workers can use conferences tables together to create a vibe, and study groups can also use them.

If you like, you can also use these tables for events at your library. Anything from reading groups to sewing lessons can be held at a conference table.

3. Magazine Racks

To create a homey atmosphere, consider putting the magazines in your library in small magazine racks rather than on large shelves. Then, put these small racks next to your comfy chairs. Patrons can then plop down and instantly have something to look at.

4. Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

When outfitting the children's department of your library, look for furniture that appeals to kids, and consider low slung, close-to-the-floor options such as bean bag chairs. This is an inviting spot for a kid to explore a book, and because bean bag chairs may be novel to kids, it can help to entice them into your space. A chair that the child has already at home, in contrast, won't be as enticing.

5. Cubbies

Finally, if you want people to stay in the library and congregate, consider providing them with a place to store their belongings. For this purpose, you can invest in a series of small cubbies and line them up against a wall. Alternatively, if you want to provide more security to patrons, you can put in small lockers, and you can allow patrons to hire a lock. 

For more ideas about library furniture to incorporate in your building, contact a local supplier. 

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